Breaking in our ETC Denim Jeggings

I get told all the time your denim jeggings are so much tighter than your black jeggings, and this is correct, because they are made from a totally different fabric! Stretch Denim, which is stretchy but woven tighter - and I personally learnt from a young age that you always buy your jeans tight because you will break them in after wearing them!

So I'm sharing this knowledge now with you!

If you are not a big jeans wearer & have brought our denim jeggings - remember this; You need to break them in. They are meant to be tight babe so that your butt looks damn good in them! I made them elastic waist though to stop them cutting in like normal jeans do with just a zip & button - this is where they are more comfortable than regular jeans & why I call them jeggings. 

Heres a few tips on how to break in your denim jeggings, 

Buy your regular size. Yes, they will be tight at first and they should be if you want them to mould to your body and give you that perfect fit.

- lunge woman lunge!

- a couple of squats

- wear them around the house

- KEEP wearing them. They will adjust.

- (just googled this one - so not sure if it works but)- Wear them in the bath - apparently the warm water helps to adjust the fibres to your body shape!


Once you have broken them in, here is how to care for them!

  • Don’t wash them often. I’ve heard of people washing them every a few months, but I honestly wash them every 4-5 wears. I wear them a lot so at least once a month they need to be washed. Levi’s blog the ideal is 10 wears!
  • I only wash them with cold water and try to avoid the dryer as much as possible. Although sometimes if they get to loose i’ll throw them in for a little bit and the fibres shrink back to the way they originally were when you broke them in!
  • Between washes spot clean and for odors the best thing to do is to put them in a bag inside the freezer. That will kill all of the odour bacteria.

Now go and buy a pair of our gorgeous denim jeggings & break em in babes!

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Lunge girl lunge 😂😂 solid advice!

Katie Barr June 11, 2020

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