Styling ETC w/ Lesh

Sometimes, because my designs can be a bit different, I get asked a lot, what do you pair this with? And because it's so natural to me, I literally plan my outfit in my head before I walk out the door, I forget that its not so natural for others. 

This is why I want to start a little blog about styling ETC.

Im a casual dresser, I like comfort, but I like looking good while i'm comfortable.

Today, let's look at our hoodies. 

What do I pair with them?

1st answer. Jeans. my first go to. And now we have our ETC Denim jeggings or my black jeggings, they go with everything!  They are plain, and just help to really make your hoodie stand out. I also find that having something tighter on the bottom makes you look less heavy & legs skinnier because the top is bulkier & that beautiful bottom figure starts to shine through (our etc pants really make your bum look good)

2nd, if I'm feeling more casual, i'll rock the etc staple tracks. I try to stay away from pairing the matching tracks & hoodie or tops together, it sorta looks like we are heading back to the 80's but etc style - and kinda like you didn't know what you were up to this morning and chucked it all together, well do a post about what you can match with your etc patterned tracks in another blog ;)  

(Tracks & Jeggings available here: )

3rd ill wear denim skirt, or shorts (both staples which are heading to etc shortly) Specially when the sun is shining - get the legs out.

Shoes - wear street shoes, hoodies are casual, don't overthink them. 







This is awesome look foward to more styling tips. Love your work :-)

Shelley moore September 29, 2019

Awesome styling tips!! Can’t wait until the next blog!

Lorraine September 26, 2019

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