ETC Update & New Summer lines

It's been a minute. What a YEAR this has turned into. While I have been busy behind the scenes creating more pieces & looks for you, I made the plunge to open a shop in Hamilton in August. 2 weeks later we go into lockdown & 2 of our staff members decided to not make the journey with us from our original location in Waerenga, so we have been understaffed ever since while I am trying to find the perfect ladies to join our crew!

Ive also been struggling heaps with shipping. We had finally got ourselves into a position where we could save heaps of money & get our items delivered by boat! Now unfortunately with lockdown & covid in Auckland we've gone backwards point where if we get it shipped by boat, our entire collections will be months behind so we are back to getting shipments on a plane, which is 4x the cost of a boat, hopefully just until we catch up to our seasons again - and hopefully we can absorb the cost for now as I still want to keep my pieces affordable! Stressful stuff I tell ya, but hey we need the clothes here so, we have to do what we have to do to survive!

anyways, here's a bit about this years summer collections!

This summer I wanted to try something a bit different. My collections are about comfort, I used top quality cotton knits with stretch, and continue to use these throughout summer, but most years by about mid/end summer I stop wearing etc as I find it too hot! I needed to get designing more pieces that I would personally wear that were light & flowing, yet still fit the comfort bill and if ya girl got a sweat on, there wasn't a big old patch of embarrassing tell tale on her outfit!

So this year I am experimenting with chiffon, the one I chose this is a super simple yet gorgeous floral, and if your guys excitement is anything to go off I think its here to stay! I stuck to the same pattern, but alternated the 3 colours throughout the collection.

However, one of the pieces I've introduced this summer that I AM THE MOST EXCITED about is our denim crop hooded bomber. drool.

My lord it GOES WITH ANYTHING. I wanted to make sure we had a full ETC go to outfit this summer. Mission complete. 

Pair that bad boy with anything from ETC Jeggings, shorts, 3/4s, tracks or our newly introduced maxi skirts - which by the way I never used to wear & now am a totally convert (maybe its my age).

Our ETC hide & seek collection features my favourite colours, hot pink, black & white! stepping away from a floral design for the season - as its not everyones cup of tea, and I still like to really keep that streetwear style throughout my brand!

I am so excited to open the new store in Te Rapa, in which well be able to help you choose & style your perfect etc pieces!

However - if you are not able to get to our store - send us an email or a Facebook message, our girls make sure they go above & beyond for the ETC babes - well even measure ourselves against your measurements to see if we can help you with your sizing!

Hopefully you love our new summer collection just was much as I do & manage to snap up some beautiful pieces this Friday night!







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