About Us

Mother of three, Aliesha Sherwin, owner & driving force behind ETC has a talent and passion for designing beautiful, stylish & quality clothes. Being a mother, she knows at first-hand what works and what doesn’t and this can be seen in the beauty and versatility of the clothes that this New Zealand based and styled business offers. ETC are the cool kids on the block, who make everything awesome and are a whole lot of fun! A funky name derived from Aliesha’s children’s initials, Elena, Tyler and Connor, our rapidly growing customer base love our trendy and fun wardrobe packed with the coolest colours for every season! At ETC we love to have fun and aim to deliver gorgeous quality, stylish items at affordable prices. There’s an outfit for everyone, from happy on the go tees to beautiful dresses for girls, durable gear for boys and easy stylish outfits for mums, ETC have got it sorted!